Saturday, April 28, 2012

A friend and I took a 4 day camping trip to Point Reyes National Seashore.
One of my favorite spots in California. It was a bit chilly the first couple days but beautiful ! We saw Elk, Whales, and lots of green hills , flowers, and the Ocean is allways a treat.
 First things first. Picking out a nice camping spot. This looks good !!
 Now down to the beach!! A little cool but beautiful still !!!
Next day on hike we saw lots of beautiful flowers and plants .

Point Reyes has an Elk reserve and you can see lots of elk along this trail .

Beautiful Elk. Saw a tiny baby with one but couldnt get a photo . Momma hid him in the bushes .

Kind of hard to see but there was a pod of whales passing by .

There are some dairy farms on point reyes land. This guy is waiting for the girls to show !


  1. Beautiful!! Wow Wow... My neice lived in SF for a few years never mentioned that spot to me. I am putting that on my bucket list. Abosolutly beautiful pictures.

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  3. JT ,Point Reyes national seashore is only an hour north of San Fran and is a must see !! The park is huge and spread out over 70,000 acres. Lots of trails to hike. Lots of wildlife. Have seen Deer,elk, whales, bobcat, and various birds. The only camping in the actual park is backpack camping. However we camp at Samuel P Taylor which is very nice and just up the road. Have also done a couple of the back pack camps. VERY NICE !!! There is also a hostel in the park and numerous inns thruout the area. It is a must see area if you are in Northern Ca. I lived in North Ca. for years and did not know about it until about 10 years ago. I now go every year. Sometimes twice a year.