Sunday, December 30, 2012

Truckee,Ca. Winter has arrived in full force.

Alpine Meadows ski area.
The view from a friends house who lives at Lake Tahoe. This is on Christmas eve. So beautiful !
The view from skiing at Norhstar . Winter has arrived full force. Lots of snow and it is only December 30th. Looks like we may have a good year after last years drought.

One of the many views from Squaw valley ski area , looking down at Lake Tahoe

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Steamboat Hotsprings, Nevada

Well, I got one of those groupon deals for massage and private soak at Steamboat Hotsprings which is just outside of Reno, Nv. Went out a couple days ago and enjoyed the place so thought I would post about it. It is very old. They offer a host of wellness therapys, light therapy, Ion foot detox, Naturopathic services, facials, body wraps , and massage. The springs are natural volcanic mineral waters. Nice, little place.
 This is the hallway with all the private rooms. each are different colors , such as red, organge, blue, violet, indigo, yellow, green. Each color scheme is supposed to help with different parts of your body. I chose the violet room which is for relaxing and meditation.
 Below  is my private room in which I soaked for an hour and then went in for an hour massage. There is one outdoor hot tub , kind of small but in a nice yard. I didnt get a photo cause it was dark when I went out to it. Overall, it was a lovely afternoon. I would recomend it if you are in the area.