Friday, April 20, 2012

Bye Pelicans !!!

I went down to the pond again tonight to see the pelicans but only saw one. And while I was there he took off into the sky and seems to have flown aways. Well, I am glad I got to see them on their visit in Truckee,Ca.

Bye Bye ! I hope you catch up the rest of them !!


  1. Beautiful pictures! glad I saw your comment on the GLD!

    California Highway 1 is my destination .... just don't know if I want to go north from Estes Park to Wyoming and Montana then west to Washington and down that way ... or

    head south to Sedona, AZ then follow it to Washington State then do the Montana and Wyoming jag... probably be better weather if I wait

    I haven't had my fill of Colorado yet... you're right... it's great!

    Thanks for visiting and joining... I hope you blog more often!

  2. Thanks Carolyn. Colorado is hard to leave. California coastline will still be nice in the fall as well. I just posted some photos of Point Reyes which is just north of San Francisco.

    1. Oh yes ... I read your entire blog! I'm heading that way pretty soon...

      Thinking of going to Arches National Park tomorrow and then Sedona maybe after that ... Hwy 1 was my destination from the get go !

      Would love to meet you !

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    3. Hi Carolyn, When you are in California maybe we will meet. I am in the sierra mountains. Truckee, Ca. I could offer you a night or 2 parking at my house if I am in town. Have you been to Ca.? well, southern Ca. and Northtern Ca. are very different. Have you been to Northern ca. ?

    4. Yes I lived in SF and Coronado and Portland ... So love the area ... and well, thanks ! for the offer!

      I'm in McDs trying to decide if I want to go to Ouray or Moab! Still using iPhone ... Could get my laptop but soooo lazy ... coffee!