Sunday, April 15, 2012

The Glenshire Pond and white pelicans.

This is the Glenshire pond . It is down the road from my house . I walk my dog there a lot. Allways so pretty and full of different migrating birds. Today The White Pelicans where there. And just a few days ago we had snow. Seems strange to see them here. I guess they are passing thru.


  1. Nice shots - did they return this year? We just moved into a place south of the pond, I've not yet had a chance to walkabout with my camera around the area, but will have to bring my camera with me next time!

    1. Hi Netarc. We are neighbors ? I love walking around the pond. I did see one great white pelican about a week ago !!! I am hoping it is still there. Would like to get some photos. Maybe a few more will show up. I think they use it as a stopping off point on their way...I always try to take my camera there with me. So pretty, especially in the early evening.