Saturday, May 5, 2012

Point Reyes critters

Love watching these guys.They are funny to watch and listen to. Very vocal .


  1. Hi Sue. Your “Point Reyes critter” photos are absolutely spectacular! I had no idea there was an Elk preserve at Point Reyes.

    John and Ellen

  2. An awesome representation of Pt Reyes. Really like the spider web. All great photos. Love the slug.

  3. John and Ellen, Yes, there is an elk reserve and lots of elk in a large large area. In the spring you can see some babies. I saw one tiny one but was not able to get a photo of it. Its Mother hid it in the bushes.
    Gaelyn, there are numerous slugs at Point Reyes as there are a lot of ecosystems there. Kind of interresting little things they are.