Friday, April 6, 2012

Wildflowers everywhere !!

Squaw valley in sept. 2011. Flowers bloomed late this year because of the huge winter we had in 2010 .

 The rest of these photos are behind castle peak in Truckee,ca. A spot I found that is brimming with wildflowers in late summer. Lots of little streams with tons of flowers along them.
Also taken in sept. 2011
That is Jasper my hiking buddy in amongst the flowers.  


  1. These are spectacular! I am a little jealous as I'm not seeing a lot of blooms here and won't see them until at least May on the North Rim.

  2. Well Gaelyn, the truth is that this is last spring. We wont see to many wildflowers here (the sierras) for awhile. Still getting snow.

  3. Love, Love, Love the wild flowers. It brings back sentimental memories of gathering wild flowers with my Grandmother as a child. I would love if you posted the area of the pics.... I too love finding these special spots. Karen

  4. Karen, these photos are around the Truckee, CA. area in the sierra nevadas. The first one is at Squaw valley and it was actually taken in sept. of 2011 . We had tons of snow that previous winter . So, the contrast with the snow left over from winter and the wildflowers in front I thought was interresting.