Sunday, December 30, 2012

Truckee,Ca. Winter has arrived in full force.

Alpine Meadows ski area.
The view from a friends house who lives at Lake Tahoe. This is on Christmas eve. So beautiful !
The view from skiing at Norhstar . Winter has arrived full force. Lots of snow and it is only December 30th. Looks like we may have a good year after last years drought.

One of the many views from Squaw valley ski area , looking down at Lake Tahoe

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Steamboat Hotsprings, Nevada

Well, I got one of those groupon deals for massage and private soak at Steamboat Hotsprings which is just outside of Reno, Nv. Went out a couple days ago and enjoyed the place so thought I would post about it. It is very old. They offer a host of wellness therapys, light therapy, Ion foot detox, Naturopathic services, facials, body wraps , and massage. The springs are natural volcanic mineral waters. Nice, little place.
 This is the hallway with all the private rooms. each are different colors , such as red, organge, blue, violet, indigo, yellow, green. Each color scheme is supposed to help with different parts of your body. I chose the violet room which is for relaxing and meditation.
 Below  is my private room in which I soaked for an hour and then went in for an hour massage. There is one outdoor hot tub , kind of small but in a nice yard. I didnt get a photo cause it was dark when I went out to it. Overall, it was a lovely afternoon. I would recomend it if you are in the area.

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Thanksgiving day inTruckee,ca.

Being vegan , well nearly vegan. I wanted to do something different this Thanksgiving from stuffing myself with food all day and watching everyone oohhing and awwing over a dead Turkey. So, in honor of Turkeys everywhere I juice fasted for the day and went for a nice hike. I was blessed with beautiful weather. Wrote in my gratitude journal. Had a lovely day. 
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Friday, November 16, 2012

Bodega Bay, CA.

 I Love Bodega Bay and well, anywhere along this stretch of the california coast is pretty nice. My friend Melody and I went to Bodega bay early Nov. for a 2 night stay at one of our favorite places. The Fishermans cottage. It is an 80 year old cottage right on the bay. Sits on a dock. Beautiful weather. Beautiful area. Great time.

 Thats me on the left and my friend Melody on the right. She is the one friend who loves to be on the go as much as I do. We often do trips together.

   Enjoying the Fishermans cottage in Bodega Bay.

The wine bar is fun too !!

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Virginia lakes off Highway 395 near Bridgeport,Ca.

These photos are from first week of Oct. My week long camping, hiking trip along Highway 395 , near Lee Vining. This is Virginia lakes. Did a beautiful 7 mile round trip hike . Lake after lake. Fall colors just starting at that time.

                            Jasper the fearless dog who loves hiking .

 This was the view from the top of the ridge which I believe is called Burro pass. It is at 11,200 feet. Looking out over other peaks in the southern sierra that range up to 13,500 feet. Beautiful view !!!

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Lake Tahoe fall. Marlette Lake

Marlette lake is a lake near to Lake Tahoe. The hike to Marlette is about 10 miles roundtrip and known to be one of the prettiest fall hikes in the area. I went there on Oct. 19th . The colors where indeed amazing. I try to go every year in the fall but think this fall was one of the best I have seen. Maybe I caught it at just the right time as we are predicted to get snow on the 21st.