Sunday, February 10, 2013

India, a land of contrast

Since I am still laid up from my accident , (talked about it in previous post) I am going to post some old photos. This is India. I went on a 3 week tour of Rajasthan India in Nov. 2010. What an amazing place. A land of many contrasts. The photo below  is outside of the Taj Mahal. We just happened to go there on a holiday so very crowded. This is the line going in. Most of the beauty of it is the outside however .

Our group at the Taj Mahal. Small group of 8 . We traveled in 2 vans with our tour guide

We spent a lot of our time in small, medieval villages. The people in the city can be a bit intimidating but in these villages they are the sweetest people I have ever met travelling. I just love how warm, welcoming and sweet they are.
Indian delivery truck.
Sometimes the locals would want to take our photos !!! We felt like celebritys. But, we tried not to let it go to our heads.  LOL. This was a family who came up  and asked if they could take photos of us and of us with them.
This is supposed to show 69 ways of having sex.

I love this photo. One night we went out for a walk from our rooms and walked thru this medieval village and we see this guy ironing with this old, heavy iron that is filled with hot coals. Jim, one of the guys on our tour said "Hey , thats my laundry the I sent out" so we stopped and chatted with this man and we all tried the iron. Let me tell you, that thing was very heavy !!!

Me in a all marble temple. No shoes allowed. Ankles and shoulders must be covered.

Pink Storks in their nest.

local women, shy but sweet as can be.

over the course of 3 weeks we where invited to 2 Indian weddings. This is inside the brides house before the wedding. Muslum wedding . This is the womens room.

This was a hindi wedding . We had met this man early in the day when we checked into our hotel and we could tell they where setting up for some kind of celebration on these beautiful lawns outside. He invited us to his wedding which was that night.

My room at this stop was this bottum floor with white area. Not bad views !!!


  1. So glad you are at least somewhat better. That accident sounded just awful. ack. I fell on ice once like that shoveling a driveway and when I woke up there was an inch of snow on me. No neighbors saw, but thank goodness I wasn't hurt like you were. Take care. Love the photos of India and the stories about the people

    1. WOW .... more more ... glad you're on the mend ~ wonder why shoulders and ankles but bare feet? interesting.

      69, eh? well? I might enlarge the picture and at this age ... see what the ones I missed... heh

    2. Sue, I lay in the driveway for awhile too when I fell but saw no one to help me, so managed to get in house to the phone.

      Carolyn, Ha ha... about the 69 positions.

      Maybe I will post a few more of India.