Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Hell and back !! Sunset, sunrise.

Sunset in Santa Cruz, Ca.

pre sunset
 Hi Friends. I have had a rough last 10 days. Kinda felt like I went to Hell and back. So, this is why I am posting sundown and sunrise photos. Today is  a better day !!!  Last week I had a terrible fall on the ice walking down an icey driveway with a vacum in my hand. My feet flew out from under me and I landed on my ribcage onto the vacum. Carrying a vacum outside you may ask??? I have a cleaning business and was heading to work.  I lay in the driveway for 5 minutes in extreme pain with no neighbors around to call out to. Finally managed to get in the house and call a nearby friend to take me to the hospital. What is your level of pain they asked? on 1-10. Panting, I say 10 plus. They got me in right away since I was white as a sheet and hyperventalating.  5 fractured ribs, halfway colapsed lung !!  Well, my hospital stay turned into a week from hell. They pumped me full of pain meds, stuck a tube in my chest to help the lung. That night the vomitting started and didnt stop for 7 days !! Imagine fractured ribs, nausea , vomitting. No fun. Apparently I had what is called an ileus which is a numbing in the bowel area due to surgery or trauma. Well, friends , let me tell you , at times the nausea and vomitting felt worse then the pain. Also, I do NOT do well with pain meds. Very sensitive stomach to that sort of stuff.  On night 5 I felt like I was dying or maybe just wished I would. I asked all my friends to pray for me or at least send positve thoughts to the universe as I was at my end of the rope. Guess what?? I awoke the next morning with lots of response on my facebook page. Prayers and all that and I DID feel better. Lost the grim feelings of death that I had the night before.

I am finally home !!! 8 days in the hospital of which 6 of them where pure Hell. Good way to lose weight. Dont eat for a week and if you eat just throw it up. That is how it was.
But , I have never felt so good to be home as I do today !!!!! That is the sunset !!! I have lots of pain still but the other things are clearing up.
Amazing how things can happen so quickly.

Please friends be careful on the ice!!!!

Sunrise in Santa cruz

Sunrise , a new day !!!


  1. Noooooo. I Wish it wasn't so. I do understand your pain. Isn't it amazing how ever fiber of your being is attached to those ribs! Move your toe... it hurts... wiggle your finger.... it hurts. But it will get better. It always feels better when you are home... Take good care!!

  2. So sorry to hear about your incident. Thankfully it is all in the past now and you are on the mend. Take care.

  3. Thank you and I am feeling much better in all respects except still have a lot of pain. Alltho even that is a little better then it was a week ago.

    1. OMG! Sue! .... holy crap! lying there for that long? oh, man!? scary stuff... I tell you... that's one reason I stay put when it's snow and ice... too damn old to get out in it.

      So glad you're home and recovering! Gorgeous pictures ... as always.

      nasty stuff nausea ...

    2. Hi Carolyn, I have lived in the snow for most of my life. Moved here in 1972 , left for 8 years in mid 80's and came back in mid 90's. I love this area but am ready to get out of the winters that we have. Still planning the great RV getaway soon. Still trying to decide as well on RV or Trailer ...