Saturday, October 20, 2012

Lake Tahoe fall. Marlette Lake

Marlette lake is a lake near to Lake Tahoe. The hike to Marlette is about 10 miles roundtrip and known to be one of the prettiest fall hikes in the area. I went there on Oct. 19th . The colors where indeed amazing. I try to go every year in the fall but think this fall was one of the best I have seen. Maybe I caught it at just the right time as we are predicted to get snow on the 21st.


  1. ahhhhhhhhhh. I love aspens, and I especially love it when they turn that unexpected rosy pinky orangey color. You captured the essence of high mountain aspen country perfectly.

    1. So do I . I think fall is my favorite time of year . To bad it is so short a season.

  2. Absolutely stellar, Sue! jeeeez I wish the weather had been a tad more warmer... I really would love to ... I just still might go that way. how can I leave California without doing so...

    Is that an otter or a beaver? jeeeeez that's gorgeous!

  3. Thank you all. Carolyn, it is a beaver. We are getting snowed on now. Had about a foot fall over the last couple days and it is cold !!! It always takes awhile to get used to the cold when it first comes. I think you missed the fair weather period for Tahoe.

  4. Your photos are magnificent! While I loved all of the beautiful Aspens, I thought the Beaver shot was really cool! I like how you caught this guy/girl dragging along a branch with leaves in tow right in the middle of all that color. Great capture!

    John and Ellen

  5. Thanks so much John. Nice to hear that from a fellow photographer.