Friday, November 16, 2012

Bodega Bay, CA.

 I Love Bodega Bay and well, anywhere along this stretch of the california coast is pretty nice. My friend Melody and I went to Bodega bay early Nov. for a 2 night stay at one of our favorite places. The Fishermans cottage. It is an 80 year old cottage right on the bay. Sits on a dock. Beautiful weather. Beautiful area. Great time.

 Thats me on the left and my friend Melody on the right. She is the one friend who loves to be on the go as much as I do. We often do trips together.

   Enjoying the Fishermans cottage in Bodega Bay.

The wine bar is fun too !!


  1. What a wonderful spot. The pictures are amazing. Love the little lizard.

  2. I loved this post and the incredibly wonderful pictures!! Thank you for taking us along. Trying real hard not to be envious here. Truly awesome! :)

  3. Why are you in Bodega Bay and I'm in the desert... something's just not right...

    as always ... gorgeous gorgeous photographs...