Friday, August 3, 2012

My Furry Kids

Jasper laying on the cats bed. Jasper is a rescue dog. I got him at about 3 yrs. old. He is now 11 or so . Great dog !!! Dont know how someone could give him up.

Sassy, Cajun and Fannie are all rescues as well.

Cajun came from a hoarders house. She had 145 cats in a 800 sq . foot condo. Fortunately for Cajun , he was a just born baby at the time . He came to the shelter and lived in a cage till he was 6 months old. I finally had to take him home.

Sassy sassafrass came in to the shelter at about 6 months old. She was found in the street and appeared to be dead . But , on second look , the lady who stopped could see she was breathing. Brought her to Truckee vet. I took her home for recovery but ended up keeping her.

Levi , the most special kitty I have ever had. He was a genetic dwarf . Came to the shelter at about a year old. I fell instantely in Love with him . Took him home about a month later to foster and well.... you know how that went. He was the biggest lovebug ever. Unfortunately be passed away last Dec. due to heart failure at age 6.

Levi , Munchkin man

Fannie on the bottum trying to scare Levi. Levi never did like her much . She wasnt allways so nice to him , so couldnt blame him for that. Fannie is the oldest of my kids . The head kitty of the family . I adopted her when I first started to volunteer at the Humane society. She is now 13 years old.


  1. God bless you for rescuing those sweet babies!
    Love the picture of their chubby butts.

  2. awwww... precious animals... good for you, Sue... aren't the rewards wonderful...

  3. Oh, what a lovely family! Sorry I haven't been around in a while. I love this post! All of my animals are rescues as well. Your kitty, Fannie, looks a lot like my Miss Hope! For me, furry family is the best family. :)

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