Thursday, June 14, 2012

Lakes basin

This is one of my favorite places to camp for a few nights . It is called Lakes basin. Just outside of Graegle, california. It is about an hour from my house. I feel blessed to live in  such a beautiful area. Lakes basin is full of lakes . Some you can drive to , some you hike to. All very beautiful. Also, it is not a crowded area.

Jasper tired after a long day of hiking . He went in the tent and when we made to much noise, he poked his head out like he was saying, when you coming to bed?

still some snow patches

The swimming hole at our campsite. Super nice spot to hang out at the end of the day.


  1. Oh how lovely! I will have to reread this many times and pretend I'm there. Thank you for taking me with you! :) Heavenly. Literally.

  2. Wow!! Lucky you. That is a beautiful place and excellent pictures!!

  3. beautiful! indeed - lucky you... in the Sierras... I just googled - couldn't figure out exactly where you were.

    1. well Carolyn. I am surprised it didnt show up. Alltho lakes basin is a general area. Look up Gold lake , ca. It is in that area..Or Graegle, Ca.

    2. I did ... I didnt word that very well ... I googled because I didn't know where you were and so now I do ... ;)